To appoint a teacher it is necessary keep in mind the characteristics: Speakers in London

A human chain has been held in London to protest the assassination of Madrasa student Nusrat Jahan Rafi at Sonagazi in Feni on the initiative of the international human rights organization Universal Voice for Justice. The program took place at Altaab Ali Park in East London at 2:30 pm on 12 April Friday after Jumma . The chief guest on human chain was community personality, journalist Professor KM Abu Taher. The human chain was presided by acting chairman Mohammad Shakil Uddin and directed by vice-chairman Mahboob Ali Khansur .  On that human chain prominent community personality educator Abdul Quader Saleh, human rights activist Maksudul Haque Sakur, Tariqul Islam, Tabassum, and others delivered their speech.

Speakers in the human chain called for an end to the ongoing culture of injustice in Bangladesh. They said that there were numerous cases of torture of women in the country due to the absence of justice in the past including Sagar-Runi, Tanu, Mitu, and others. Demanding the speedy execution of Nusrat murder, a separate cell was called in every district Upazila and police station to collect information on torture of women. Speakers of the human chain noted that appoint a teacher in any educational institution needs to take into account the educational qualifications as well as its character.

In the human chain, others were present named Faridul Islam, Abul Kashem, Meherunnesa, Omar Farooq, Sohan Bin Nizam, Kazi Mohammad Nuruzzaman, Syed Barek Rashid, Joynal Abedin, Md.Momin, Raihan Chowdhury, Md.Ala Uddin, Delowar Hossain, Mazharul Islam and many more from the community.

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UVJ demands protecting human rights of minorities in Kashmir and Uyghur

Speakers at a discussion meeting have upheld the view that people from all over the world have to be vocal in protest against the persecution and oppression of minority people in Kashmir and Uighur.  They also called for international organizations including the United Nations (UN) and the OIC to protect human rights of the Muslims in the areas.

Universal Voice for Justice (UVJ), a London based human rights organization, organized the discussion meeting on 13th  March in which professor of Dhaka University and human rights researcher Dr. Kamrul Hossain delivered the keynote speech with Mahboob Ali Khanssur, vice-chairman of the UVJ in the chair.

The meeting was addressed, among others, by barrister Saeem Uddin Khandaker, Secretary of  the UVJ  Shakil Uddin, , advocate Shaykh Mahdi, journalist Aminur Rasheed, Alauddin Sabuj, chairman of  ‘White Pigeon’ a human rights organization,  vice chairman of White Pigeon  Monirul Islam, Md Abdul Hafiz, assistant secretary, Mazharul Islam, treasurer of the White Pigeon, Journalist Nazmul Hossain, journalist Noor Absar, journalist Matiur Rahman, Habibur Rahman Piyal,  office secretary of the UVJ, SM Mahbubur Rahman, fundraising secretary of the UVJ, Shahidul Haq, secretary, Justice for Bangladesh, Faridul Islam, Omar Farooq and Said Tarek.

In the keynote discussion, Dr Kamrul Islam said that the Kashmir crisis started from the year 1948 but the world leaders are not taking any step to solve the problem. Besides, both the nations (Kashmir and Bangladesh) have much in common. China, on the other hand, wants to assert its authority in South Asia through oppressing the minority Muslims in Uighur. Dr Kamrul Islam demanded the UN to take action to protect the human rights of Uighur people.

Press release date: 19th July 2019

The human rights organization Universal Voice for Justice(UVJ) organised a human chain on the 6th of July at 2:30 in protest of the ruthless attacks, suits and inhumane torture on the protester students of the ongoing quota movement in Bangladesh.

The programme was directed by the chairperson of the organisation, Md Sayed Baki and the president of Bangladesh Journalist Association UK, Abu Taher Chowdhury presided over the programme. Among the other community members, Barrister Nazir Ahmed, Professor Abdul Kader Salah, the ex-senate committee member Nasrullah Khan Junayed, Mirza Ashab Beg, Attaullah Faruque, Amimul Hasan Tanim, Shamsul Alam Niton, great freedom fighter Muhammad Mustafa were present as special guests.

Speakers in their speeches demanded release of all the general students involved in the quota movement, stop torture and arrest and demanded unconditional release of all those arrested. Speakers of the human chain said that such a fierce attack on ordinary innocent students raises questions on the freedom of speech in the country. In addition to this, the carefree role of police and administration in the whole incident is very shameful. All the arrested students are also demanded to release and to arrest the terrorists who are attacking are also demanded from the human chain.

Apart from the special guests, there were also present the secretary of UVJ, Mohammad Shakil Uddin, Vice president Tarikul Islam, office secretary Md. Habibur Rahman Pial, media and public relation director Ahmad Fuad Hasan, general member Md. Kafayat Ullah Sarkar, Hadisur Rahman Khan, Md. Shakil Minhaj, Omar Faruque as well as people from different professions including Journalists, lawyers, students and businessmen.
Another organization called Bangladesh Student Rights Protection Council UK has expessed solidarity with the human chain. The convenor of the organization Mahfuz Ahmed, joint convenor Sadia Tumpa and Monwar Hossain delivered their speech at the programme.

Press release date: 3rd June 2018

Discussion meeting on “Democracy and Good Governance Perspective Bangladesh” has been held

Press Release: The UK based human rights organisation Universal Voice for Justice initiated a discussion meeting. The meeting was held in an auditorium in East London on the 30th of May 2018. The topic of discussion for the meeting was “Democracy and Good Governance Perspective Bangladesh”.  The meeting was conducted by the General Secretary of the organisation Md. Shakil Uddin and the chairperson of the organisation, Md. Sayed Baki presided over the meeting. The Chief Guest of the meeting was the newly elected Deputy Speaker and Councillor of Newham Council, renowned lawyer, Barrister Nazir Ahmed. Legal expert and TV presenter Barister Talha Ahmed and human rights organizer and lawyer, Barrister Abbas Islam Khan were present as special guests.


The meeting started at seven in the evening and ended after iftar. Speakers at the program put the picture of law and order, extra judicial killing in the name of crossfire, unlawful looting in the name of development. The speakers also demanded a fair election under a neutral government without delay to regain law and order in the country.


The Chief Guest of the program Barrister Nazir Ahmed depicted the picture of corruption and oppression in the name of law and order in Bangladesh. He said, the main purpose of election in Bangladesh is gaining power and an opportunity of misusing power. However there are many political parties to whom only forming a government is not a means of serving the people though they have huge support of the people. He illustrated the example of Ennahda, the biggest political party of Tunisia in this regard.


The other speakers of the program were the vice chairman of Universal Voice for Justice Md. Tarikul Islam and Faridul Islam, director of media and public relation Ahmad Fuad Hasan, office secretary Habibur Rahman Pial, treasurer Monir Hossain, director of campaign and communication MD Abul Kashem, director of global operation Ali Shahzada, director of communication Shuaibur Rahman Layek, secretary of Justice for Bangladesh Shahidul Islam, Hafizur Rahman. Among the other invited guests were Monirul Islam, Rumi, Mazharul Islam, Yunis Ali, Masudur Rahman Khan and Sumon.



Press release date: 16 October 2017

  • Conference held at House of Lords demand for credible election in Bangladesh and independent mass media.


conference held in House of Lords title on ‘Upcoming general election, rule of law, Human rights in Bangladesh: expectation and reality’ organised by London based human rights organisation Universal Voice for Justice.  This conference was held upper house of British Parliament at House of Lords last Monday 16 October 2017. Annual human rights report on Bangladesh published in the conference. Sayed Baki chairman of Universal Voice for Justice conducted the program and presided by respectively Lord Hussain and Lord Sheykh , member of House of Lords.  Speech given by Jerry alan, Bangladesh Country coordinator of amnesty international UK, Barrister Nazir Ahmed, Bangladesh ambassador of Queen Marry University of London, Mahidur rahaman, Chairman, Bangladesh centre for social development, Mukhlesur Rahman Chowdhury, adviser former president of Bangladesh, Mahboob Ali Khansur, Vice Chairman, Universal Voice for Justice, Abu Saleh Mohammad Yahiya, PhD fellow, Advocate Muhammad Mohibullah, Chairman, Justice for Bangladesh.

Speakers talked about law enforcing situation in Bangladesh, extra judicial killing and influence to Judiciary by ruling government. Jerry Alan described his experience about working in Bangladesh and raise concerned about Rohingya people south part of Bangladesh and invite government to take necessary initiative with other people regardless of political opinion. Further said if this problem not has been solved than Bangladesh will face difficulties soon.

Barrister Nazir Ahmed explained about various article of constitution and compared with human rights violation according to constitution. Also mention ruling party harassment to chief justice of Bangladesh.

Mukhlesur Rahaman Chowdhury said, although in Bangladesh says that they are flowing Westminster democracy but it’s only theoretically not in practice. He urge attention of international community for upcoming general election and awami league able to held one party election last 2014 in absence of international community.

Mahidur rahaman Said, there is no democracy in Bangladesh last 10 years, awamilegue establish dictatorship in the name of democracy.

Mahboob Ali Khansur said unelected government controlled the mass media that’s why there is no democracy in Bangladesh and also this illegal government forcefully shut down many television channel, daily news paper and online news portal.

Abu Saleh Mohammad Yahiya described about extra judicial killing in Bangladesh and killing of opposition party leaders – activists by law enforcing agency. Also explain his experience about torture made to him by law enforcing agency  when he was abducted. Various professionals and community leaders attended at conference as Faridul Islam, Mohammad Sakil Uddin, Shahidul Islam, Meherun Nessa, Abul kashem, S M Mahabub, Belal Molla, Md. Habibur Rahaman,  Mohammad Shamsul Islam, Hasnat Chowdhury, Mahmud Adnan, Joynal Abedin, Monir Hossain, Ali Shahajada, A J M Tofayel Chowdhury, Muhammad Rokta Hasan, Muhamamd Golam Hafiz, Muhammad Osman gani, AFM Mahfujur Rahman khan, Shahidul Islam Khan, Mohammad Shahajan and more.



Press release date : 7 September 2017

  • Universal Voice for Justice encompass Myanmar embassy in London protesting the killing and torture of Rohingyas.

Myanmar Embassy in London was encompassed and a demonstration program was held to protest against the torture and murder of Rohingyas in Myanmar organised by human rights organisation Universal Voice for Justice.

On 7th September, Chairman of the organisation Sayed Baki chaired the meeting and Vice-chairman of the organisation Mahboob Ali Khansur and human rights activist Faridul Islam conducted the meeting, senior leader of Bangladeshi community AKM Taher Chowdhury presented as chief guest. Speech was given by Barrister Abbas Noman, adviser of the Universal Voice for Justice,  Ataullah Faruk, convenor of Voice for Bangladesh, Dho Khin Hua spoke on behalf of the Burmese Rohingya Organization, Information Secretary Noman,Mark on behalf of Supporting Rohingya campaign around the United Kingdom, Barrister Obaidur Rahaman Tipu, human rights activist Ahmad Fuad Hasan, advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh, BNP UK joint secretary Shahidul Islam Mamun and Iraqi citizen researcher Kathar Ayd. A demand to file a complaint against Myanmar’s government to the international forum including The United Nations was demanded in the meeting on behalf Bangladesh.
Human rights activists participated in the protest with placard such as ‘Stop Killing Muslim in Myanmar’, ‘No More Rohingya Killing in Myanmar’, ‘OIC please save Muslims’, ‘We are seeking UN attention to Save Rohingya’. Three human rights organisation called the Voice for Bangladesh, Voice for Justice and the Voice for Change has shown solidarity in the protest demonstration. At the meeting, AKM Abu Taher Chowdhury said that the oppression and torture by Myanmar’s armed forces, police and border guards on the Rohingyas in Rakhine province broke all records in world history. He demanded to increase Bangladesh’s diplomatic efforts to resolve the Rohingya issue as well as to file complaints in the international forum including the United Nations on behalf of Bangladesh.

Sayed Baki, chairman of the Universal Voice for Justice said at the meeting, that today the world humanity is destroyed in Myanmar. Human rights are seriously violated. This genocide is going on under the government of the Nobel laureate in peace Aung San Suu Kyi. There is no strong protest or cooperation against Burmese arbitrary killings and rapes. He urged to take necessary measures to stop this heinous massacre.





Press release date: 06 June 2017


  • Human rights convention 2017 held of Universal Voice for Justice


Human rights convention 2017 held in a hall at East London organised by Universal Voice for Justice. The title of the program ‘’Human rights in Bangladesh: Global Perspective’’ and chief guest was Mokhles Chowdhury advisor to  Iyaz Uddin former president of Bangladesh, special guest was human rights lawyer Barrister Nazir Ahmed, Bethnal green and Bow constituency election candidate Ajmol Mashroor,  journalist Oli Ullah Noman, Barrister Badre Alam Didar, Abdur Rouf and Barrister Abbas Islam Khan.

The program presided by Sayed Baki, chairman of Universal Voice for Justice, conducted by Mahboob Ali Khansur, Vice Chairman of the organization.  Lawyers, journalist, human rights activist, teachers, and various professionals participated in the convention.

Mokhles Chowdhury said on his chief guest speech – at present the human rights in Bangladesh in very low level. People deprived form their fundamental rights and expecting justice form government but government motivated the judiciary system and violated general people human rights. Vice chairman of Universal voice for Justice Mahboob Ali Khansur described organisation activities and what step will be taken to ensure human rights around the world at convention.

Human rights activists Faridul Islam, Journalist Shakil, Toriqul Islam, Lawyer Yousuf, Human rights activist Javed Hossain, Mohammad Abu Taleb,  Rasel Ahmed, Mahabub Alam Bhuiya, Mohiuddin Sopon, Kamal Hossain, Jamil hossain discussed human rights in Bangladesh global perspective on the program.


Press release date : 10 February 2017

  • Human chain for demanding justice for killing of journalist couple Sagar Runi 


Bangladesh Journalist Association of UK, Universal Voice for Justice and Progressive Union of Journalist UK jointly organised the protest meeting and human chain, the meeting presided by K M Abu Taher and conducted by journalist Mohammed Nure Alam Borshon.

Universal Voice for Justice Chairman Sayed Baki, Journalist Mahbub Ali Khanshur, Faridul Islam, Md. Muhibillah, Dudu Mia Shikdar, journalist Jubayer Ahmed, journalist Md. Karsar, freedom fighter Hazi Kola Mia, Nur Box, Adil Mia, Rafiq ahmed Rafiq, journalist Absar Uddin, Khan Jaman Nurul Islam, Ahmad Fuad Hasan,Sheikh Muhidul Rahman Bablu, Abdul Kader Murad, Nur Hossain, Abdul Bashit Badsha,  journalist Aminul Ehsan Tamim, Hasnat Chowdhury, Millat Hossain, Mujahidul Islam were present.

Speakers said that the present situations of Bangladesh are like if you are at home you will be killed or if you are in outside, you will be abduct. The country has become the kingdom of abduction. This illegal Sheikh Hasina and her unelected government have forcefully taken away the people’s right of voting. Today, the position of democracy, justice rules and human rights of Bangladesh remains zero. There is no locality in the country where people can live safely.

The speakers added that today the people of Bangladesh are locked up with bands of dependency. None are safe here. They said thousands of leaders of Jamaat and BNP have been killed and abducted. They demand that there is genocide is going on in Bangladesh, that’s why they want involvement of international community.


Press release date : 8 November 2016




  • Discussion Meeting on “Minority Rights in Bangladesh” held in London

A discussion meeting was held in East London on “Minority Rights in Bangladesh” on 8th November, Tuesday at a hall in East London organised by the human rights organization Universal Voice for Justice. Human rights lawyers, human rights activists, historical researchers, community leaders and journalist leaders discussed about whom are the minority in Bangladesh are and what are the rights of the minorities in Bangladesh are.

The discussion meeting was presided by the Universal Voice for Justice’s chairman M. Sayed Baki and conducted by the vice chairman of the organisation Mahboob Khanshur and community leader Hasnat Chowdhury gave the welcome speech. The main discussion on the rights of Bangladeshi minorities were carried out by the human rights organiser and community leader Monowar Bodruddoza, lawyer and community leader solicitor Biplob Kumar Poddar, human rights lawyer Barrister Sayem Uddin Khondokar, history researcher of Oxford University Shahnewaz Ali Raihan, Barrister Abbas Noman.

In his discussion, Monowar Bodruddoza said that, in Bangladesh when minorities are exploited due to the political reasons media covered it as a communal conflict with big headline. Even then, Medias never give eye in our neighbour country India where Muslims are being oppressed for year after year.

In his discussion solicitor Biplob Kumar Poddar said that due to the religious reason he is also a minority in Bangladesh. He knew that, no Muslim attacked them only for the religious belief. Some specific political leaders take special advantages by fixing Hindu-Muslim clash in a planned way. On the contrary, in India, Muslims were killed by beating inhumanly only for eating beef. But the matter of regret is that no one there protests against that even the media never become clamorous against it.

Barrister Saim Uddin Khondokar, in his speech, noted that, exploitations on minorities, in Bangladesh is not a conflict between Hindu and Muslim which becomes apparent after a careful review of the recent incident in Nasirnagar and the earlier incident in Ramu.

Local ruling party powerful leaders attacked on the minorities by the help of cadres to maintain and expand control for economic interest. History researcher of Oxford University, Shahnewaz Ali Raihan, in his speech, explained the oppression on Bangladeshi minorities and its reasons from a global perspective.

In the program speeches were given by human rights activist Sajjadul Islam, Faridul Islam, Garib Hossain, community leader Muhibullah, human rights activist Dolar Biswas,  Russel Ahmed, Nur Hossain, Shahidul Islam, Saiful Islam, Tarikul Islam, Abul Kashem, Mohammad Omor Gani, journalist Kawsar and others.


Press release date : 2 July 2016

  • Serious human rights violation due to no democracy and rule of law in Bangladesh

London based human rights organisation Universal Voice for Justice concerns about ongoing human rights violation in Bangladesh.


There is serious human right violation in Bangladesh, because of there is no democracy and rule of law in the country, accused by speakers in a discussion meeting followed by Iftar, organised by Universal Voice for Justice, a human rights organisation based in London. Ensure the rule of law is the only way to develop human right situation in Bangladesh and raise public awareness would be helpful to improve the situation, opinion given by the speakers at the event. Lawyers, university lectures, accountants, journalists, poets, writers, businessmen and other professionals were attended in the program.

The program conducted by planning & campaigning secretary of Universal Voice for Justice Shamim Ahmed and presided by Universal Voice for Justice Chairman Sayed Baki Prominent lawyer Barrister Nazir Ahmed was given speech as chief guest and speech given by Ahraf Muhammad Uzzal, visiting lecturer of Bardford University, UK as special guest. Also speech delivered by the Vice-chairman of the organization journalist Mahbbob Ali Khansur, barrister Abbas Islam Khan, journalist Noore Alam Borshon, secretary general Sajjadul Islam, Barrister Anowar Ahmed, Shihab Uddin, Bradford University visiting lecturer Abdul Ali, Barrister Sunny Abdul Hoque, Human right activist Foridul Islam, Monirul Hoque, Mohibullah, Dollar Biswash, Toriqul Islam, Mahabub Bulbul among others.


Press release date: 25 March 2016

  • Human Chain in London by Universal Voice for Justice: ”we are the brother of Tonu, we want justice for Tonu murder”

London based human right organization Universal Voice for Justice and Brahmanbaria Community U.K. jointly arranged a human chain, where the speakers said, Tonus are getting murdered for the absence of  rule of law in Bangladesh. Murderers and rapist are doing the same thing again and again, because these cases are not solving with proper justice. Government can’t avoid these liabilities. Government should ensure the safety of people’s life. But present government completely failed to ensure that.

The prominent personals, journalists, human rights activists, lawyers and other professionals from British Bangladeshi communities said these on their speech in the human chain which was organized in front of Martyrs Monument at Altab Ali Park, London on 1st April, Friday.

Human chain was conducted by Sayed Baki chairman of Universal Voice for Justice and other speakers were in the human chain honourable lawyer Barrister Tarik Bin Aziz, senior journalist Nazrul Islam Bashon, Barrister Nazir Ahmed, Amnesty International’s representative journalist Ataullah Faruk, Barrister Badre Alam Didar, vice chairman of universal voice for justice journalist Mahboob Ali Khansur, journalist Nur-E-Alam Borshon, journalist of channel 24 Ashik Mahmud, Abdul Halim Sarker, Ahmad Fuad Hasan, student leader Ashfakul Maula Proton, human right activist  Abdur Rouf Rubel, journalist Towhidul Karim Muzahid, Journalist Aminul Islam Tamim, Maulana Shamim Ahmed, Bramman Baria UK’s assistant organising secretary Jamil Bhuiyan, Muhammad Selim, law student of BPP university Rownok Nishat Nodi, Barrister Abbas Islam Khan Noman, Shajjadul Islam, Media personal M.A. Shatter Mishu and others.

Barrister Tariq Bin Aziz said that I’m supporting the demand of universal voice for justice from my personal point of view and also I want justice for all Tonu’s in Bangladesh. Today Tonu is a bloodshed scenario of Bangladesh. Many Tonus are being killed in Bangladesh, but no one got proper justice. Senior journalist Nazrul Islam Bashon said that I want justice and proper punishment for Comilla Victoria College’s student and drama artist Tonu who has been brutally killed after rape.

‘Few years ago a girl named Damini was raped in India. Indian government ensured proper justice for that incident, but why present government is silent against these crimes?’

He asked everyone to protest against all crimes. He also said that we are not against the government or any political party; we are just in favour of justice.

Barrister Nazir Ahmed said that I am here only for conscience and morality, one third of the constitution of Bangladesh are about human rights, these should be established. Due to enforcing the law, these types of human right violation happening again and again.

Journalist Ataullah Faruk said that politicians do their politics for people, why they are silent about Tonu? He asked everyone to protest against injustice. Violation of human rights in Bangladesh reached in extreme level. A decent society can’t move ahead like that.

Human right activist Barrister Badre Alam Didar said that role of main stream media about this murder incident is mysterious and questionable. Today we all gathered here for ensuring proper justice for Tonu. In last 6 years 25 thousand mother and sisters were raped, why justice is not ensuring for that? Tonu is my sister; today I want justice for Tonu and all of my oppressed mother and sisters.

Vice chairman of Universal voice for Justice Journalist Mahboob Ali khansur explained emotionally that how much humiliated our women in the society and demands their proper safety. Journalist Nur-E-Alam said that Our country got independent after so many difficulties. But now people don’t have freedom to move safely. Violation of human right is now in extreme level.

Journalist of channel 24 Ashik Mahmud said that lack of moral lesson in our education system destroying our society. He asked everyone for increase moral lesson by religious Education. Education system is responsible for these rape incidents. Solicitor Abdul Halim sarkar said that “Higher authority of government’s silence made us surprised. The way woman and children harassment increasing, it makes people’s life risky day by day.

In conclusion speech Universal voice Chairman Sayed Baki said that “Human right violation are now reaches an extreme level in our beloved Bangladesh. He thanked everyone for attending the protest rally. One sentence was echoed in rally “we all are Tonu’s Brother, We want justice for Tonu murder.

Universal voice and justice think that not given justice only one or two cases but also ensure justice all murder cases can establish the proper rule of law. This is the way to expect peace in society. Shohagi Jahan Tonu was brutally murdered in 20 March while returning home from tuition at 7.30 PM. After the incident her dead body rescued from near a culvert of Maynamati Army Cantonment’s Olipur area.


Press release date: 24 March 2016

  • Universal voice demands justice for Tonu

London based human right organisation Universal Voice for Justice released a statement for demanding justice and punishment of the killer of Sohagi Jahan Tonu, a student and theatre worker of Comilla Victoria Govt. College who brutally raped and killed.

Universal Voice for Justice Chairman M Sayed Baki, Vice chairman Mahboob Ali Khansur, Secretary General Sajjadul Islam said in a statement that moral violations increasing day by day in the country. Oppression of children and women going up day by day and now-a-days people’s life is insecure in the country. Government are not taking necessary step to stop the oppression. That is why this bad incident going on day by day. Also farce activities are going on for humiliated women in New Year celebration event. The ministers showed their supports and encourage the humiliation by their statements.

The chairman of Universal Voice for Justice Sayed Baki said- we have gained our independence by long hardship, but now-a-days people cannot move freely. Human rights violation is a serious issue now. Absence of the moral education is one of the reason of destroying society system and moral awareness need to be increase through religious education. He also gave opinion that current education system is responsible for increasing rape now-a-days.

On last 20 Marches around 7.30 in the evening after finishing his tuition Sohagi Jahan Tonu brutally raped and killed on the way to return her home.

Universal Voice for Justice thinks – if it is possible to ensure justice for every single incident then peace can come into the society.


Press release date: 29 January 2016


  • Different forces in Bangladesh are violating human rights.

London based human rights organization Universal Voice for Justice arranged a seminar named “Human Rights in Bangladesh: Reality and Hopes”.

Speakers of the seminar told that there are many laws are in constitution of Bangladesh. Constitution of Bangladesh is three times bigger than American constitution and discussed about human rights in one third part of constitution. But the law enforcement forces are breaking those rules and that is why human rights get violated. Government is working on the issue of human rights to consider the class, profession and person which should not happen. For getting out of this situation speakers demanded to increase the morality and awareness between people and telecast standard programs in media.

Last 29 January 2016 Friday evening these speech are delivered by the speakers of the seminar titled “Human Rights in Bangladesh: Reality and Hopes” which organized by London based human right organization Universal Voice for Justice in Saint George Town Hall seminar room in East London.

Chairman of Universal Voice for Justice M. Sayed Baki managed the first phase of seminar and vice chairman of Mahboob Ali Khansur and general secretary Shajjadul Islam discussed about the target and future of the organization. They said that the main vision of universal voice is to establish society with no harassment with justice. Shajjadul Islam said that unawareness of own rights are the main barrier for establish human rights. He mentioned cricketer Shahadat’s persecution incident of housekeeper as an example. Attended peoples were discussed freely in the seminar and said about their own visions.

Community person and human rights organizer, writers and researcher Barrister Nazir Ahmed attended as the main discussant of the second phase of seminar. He said that in one third parts of constitution are discussed about human rights. Again he said that government also have to play the main role beside people to save human rights. Other moderator of seminar young lawyer, educationist Barrister Sayem Khandokar Hasib said that breaking laws are like tradition in Bangladesh now; there is law but no rule of law working there. There is no security of people for unawareness of government. He called everyone to step up for establishing the rule of law.

Human right member and community personal Monwar Badruddouza said that we have to work for everyone including Muslim, non-Muslim and people of all classes and levels.

Before main discussion personal reviews and speech about human rights delivered by young lawyer and human right activist Barrister Abbas Islam Khan, Lawyer and human right activist Syed Tasbir Hassan, Editor of weekly NRB news Aminur Rashid, Journalist Nur-E-Alam Shufi Borshon, Shamim, S.M. Mahbub Firoz Ahmed, Shahab Uddin, Shekandar Hossain, Solaiman Majumdar and others.

In function closing speech the chairman of Universal Voice for Justice M. Sayed Baki told that universal voice for justice working for everyone’s right and true justice. If we all together deny compromising that injustice then it is possible to make a beautiful Bangladesh. He also thanked all guests for attending the function.


Press release date : 17 August 2015

  • Universal Voice condemns beaten student

Human right organisation Universal Voice for Justice condemns the beaten student and teacher of Bhuiya High School under Kachuoa sub-district, Chandpur due to not getting money for organising death anniversary of Bangobondu Seikh Mojibur Rahman, who was one of the founders of independence of Bangladesh.

The leaders of the organisation said in a joint statement – they are concerned about oppression of child increasing in Bangladesh day by day. Leaders said- teachers are playing an important role to build up the nation and students are the wealth of the country who will give the leadership in the nation and country. To beat them is shameful and sorrowful. There is law in the country, but there is no rule of law in the country that’s why oppression of children increasing day by day. To stop this inhuman incident, they invite people regardless of political opinion to work together, also request the government to arrest the accused people and establish the rule of law. They further said – to decrease inhuman violence public awareness need to be increased.

The joint statement given by  – Abbas Islam Khan, Sayed Baki, Sajjadul Islam, Mahboob Khansur, Rayhan Sharif, Arman Shariar, Shamim ahmed among others.


Press release date : 15 July 2015

  • Human chain in London to protest killing of Rajon


Human right organisation Universal Voice for Justice organised a human chain to protest killing of 13 years old child Samiul Alam Rajon at Altabali Park, London.

Ex deputy mayor of tower hamlets council, councillor Oliur Rahamn, Lawyers, professionals including other social organisation leader attended in the human chain.

The video footage, photos gone viral through social media and Bangladeshi people around world became agitated, speechless for this incident.

On the human chain displayed the placard written with ‘we demand justice for Rajon killing’, ‘Ensure justice for all’, ‘we don’t want see any child killing’ etc.

Councillor Oliur Rahaman said, we have contacted with high commission for demanding punishment for this incident also we have contacted Rajon family to give them legal assistance.

The  chairman of Universal Voice for Justice Sayed Baki said – to ensure quick punishment of Rajon killer the case need to hear under speedy trial tribunal and further said to prevent this type of incident in future to established village settlement tribunal.

Human chain conducted by Abbas Islam Khan, also speech given by – campaign co-coordinator Towhidul Fuad, Vice-Chairman Sajjadul Islam.

Community leader Ashraf Proton, Mahabub Salehi, Dr Monowar, Mojumder, Solicitor Abdul Halim, Universal Voice for Justice media Co-coordinator journalist Mahboob Ali Khansur, Rayhan Sharif Sabbir, Mohuddin Shopon, Abdur Rouf Rubel, Rayhan were presented there.