Speakers at a discussion meeting have upheld the view that people from all over the world have to be vocal in protest against the persecution and oppression of minority people in Kashmir and Uighur. They also called for international organizations including the United Nations (UN) and the OIC to protect human rights of the Muslims in the areas.
Universal Voice for Justice (UVJ), a London based human rights organization, organised the discussion meeting in which professor of Dhaka University and human rights researcher Dr. Kamrul Hossain delivered the keynote speech with Mahboob Ali Khanshur, vice-chairman of the UVJ in the chair.
The meeting was addressed, among others, by barrister Saeem Uddin Khandaker, Shakil Uddin, secretary of the UVJ, advocate Shaykh Mahdi, journalist Aminur Rasheed, AlauddinSabuj, chairman of ‘White Pigeon’, a human rights organization, Monirul Islam, vice chairman, Md Abdul Hafiz, assistant secretary, Mazharul Islam, treasurer of the White Pigeon, Journalist Nazmul Hossain, journalist Noor Absar, journalist Matiur Rahm, Habibur Rahman Piyal, office secretary of the UVJ, SM Mahbubur Rahman, fund raising secretary of the UVJ, Shahidul Haq, secretary, Justice for Bangladesh, Faridul Islam, Omar Farooq and Said Tarek.
In the keynote discussion, Dr Kamrul Islam said that the Kashmir crisis started from the year 1948 but the world leaders are not taking any step to solve the problem. Besides, both the nations (Kashmir and Bangladesh) have much in common. China, on the other hand, wants to assert its authority in South Asia through oppressing the minority Muslims in Uighur. Dr Kamrul Islam demanded the UN to take action to protect the human rights of Uighur people.

UVJ demands protecting human rights of minorities in Kashmir and Uighur.

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